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Member-Owned Club Partnerships & Solutions


Many of today’s private clubs have lost sight of the true essence of a club…a place where friends enjoy friends.


We believe a club should provide its members a setting where they are able to congregate as a family outside of their home; entertain and enhance business relationships; create and foster lifetime friendships; and enjoy treasured social and recreational experiences. To achieve this objective, and enduring success, a club must effectively “attract” and “retain”, not just “serve” its members.


The foundation of all fine private clubs is the strength of its membership. To maintain a dynamic membership roster, clubs must have a process for identifying, inviting and enrolling new members on a constant basis - even when there are no openings on the membership roster. Membership attraction requires a persistent effort and a customized plan to obtain desired results.


Arnold Palmer Golf Management will partner with your club to mutually develop specific solutions and establish measurable goals for your club. We assist in creating experiences that meet the complex and growing demands of your members and their families, in addition to helping identify and attract new members.


Our team works with your Board and committees to optimize revenues, produce exceptional member experiences and ensure fiscal efficiencies are considered. We approach member-owned clubs differently….with a laser focus on relevant member programming in order to facilitate social interaction. Our winning strategies create pride in membership and a sense of community for all members.

  • Establish club specific membership and revenue plans

  • Club and facility strategies tailored to your club

  • Provide expert services customized for your club as needed

  • Train and develop staff members to improve your club enjoyment

  • Assist in creating member programs to fuel engagement

  • Ensure your club has a membership culture

Member-Owned Case Studies

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