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***ATTENTION  APGM Handicap Members:***
The new Handicap System is now up and running.  Enter your Login and Password below to post your scores.

Method for Posting Scores On-line


1 Login using your newly provided username and password.
2 Upon logging in you will be provided a personalized Golf Handicap Page.
3 Across the top you will notice a menu bar that includes Score Record | Favorite Tees | Course Handicaps | Options | My Profile.  Please familiarize yourself with these features, but that isn’t how you post a score.
4 To post a score, click on either “18 Hole” or “9 Hole” in the upper right area of the page.
5 You will then be presented with a “Post a Score” page.
6 If you played a set of tees belonging to your home course, please choose them by clicking on the “Select” text
7 If you played an Away course you can work through the tab (Away Courses, Unlisted Tees, My Favorite Tees) that best applies.
8 Key in your Score.  This can be done hole by hole (in which case Equitable Stroke Control will be applied) or you can put your adjusted score in the ESC Score box
9 Check the date and correct it if necessary.
10 Select Playing Partners (optional).
11 Identify if score is a Tournament score
12 Select “Submit Score”
13 At that time the process is complete.



If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail Bob Witzel at